Skane Thor's Hammer - Which chain can I use?

Which chain can I use?

If you do not wish to use a ring, we would recommend you to either buying a leather cord or a smaller chain.

The Skane Thor's Hammer in Silver*, and Bronze*, have pendant holes with a diameter of about 3mm, and can be used with our leather cords, but they cannot be used with our chains like the other Skane Thor's Hammers.

The rest of our Skane Thor's Hammer, have pendant holes with a diameter of 5 mm, and can be used with the Stainless Steel Chain up to 4mm, the Stainless Steel Chain Viking up to 4.3mm, and the Stainless Steel Chain Round up to 3.2mm.

*Please note that this does not apply to the XL- and Mini-versions of the Skane Thor's Hammer. 

Skane Thor's Hammer - Which ring can I use?

Since the Skane Thor's Hammer is a bit wider it does not fit properly on our circular pendant rings, therefore the Skane Thor's Hammer cannot be used with any of the bigger chains. The only set that it can be used with is the Asgard Wolf Chain, Set 4, Silver. If you do not wish to buy the whole set, the pendant with the triangular ring is available; Skane Thor's Hammer, XL, Silver. The rings are not available to buy separately without the pendant.

You may also look if any jewelry or craft store in your area has something that is wider or triangular/flat at the bottom.